Central Vac Systems
Whole house vacuum systems
Wall plates
Dust pans
Hypoallergenic – helps with removing/reducing allergens

A Healthy and Convenient way to care for your home.

Installing a Central Vacuum System is a healthier way to maintain your new home and a great value for new homebuyers. That's why demand is skyrocketing. The benefits and convenience have been confirmed across North America and Europe.

Many homebuyers believe that a central system is a luxury item, beyond their budget. Systems are priced and installed for much less than you think. They're engineered to last, with durable construction and powerful motors to provide years of cleaning performance. Combine these benefits with convenience, quieter operation, healthier indoor air quality, increased home value, and the advantages are clear. Central Vacuum Systems are everything you need for easy, effective, affordable whole-house cleaning.


It’s Healthy

With today’s tightly sealed homes, reduced ventilation, chemicals and cleaners; inside air can be even more polluted than outside air. Central Vacuum Systems carry dirt, dust, dust mites, pet dander and other pollutants to a central location away from living areas.

It’s Convenient

Hoses and attachments are lightweight and easy-to-use. Central Vacuum Systems deliver high power and are designed to clean carpets, floors, upholstery and more. Central Vacuum Systems can be used in many locations using specialized attachments; a homeowner can clean a car, bare floors, stairs, computers, ceiling fans and pets. Vacuuming gets finished sooner. Dirt collection capacity is larger so less maintenance is required.

It’s Affordable

A Central Vacuum System can be easily installed. If included in the mortgage, it adds only a few dollars per month.